Frescos NFTs


We decided to opt in for organic marketing and engage with the community while we are building. This is the reason why we did not pay for sponsorships on youtube channels, influencers and so on.
Coming from a business background, we adhere to the philosophy "Build usable products first and market them later"

Businesses Partnerships

Our first move is to continue with NFT Project Partnerships. We are already in agreement with several collections however nothing has been announced to avoid speculation and fud.
By providing access to partial discounts from our website, we receive lots of exposure to their community and trust towards our company.
This move will encourage other NFT projects holders to use our services in order to book their holidays through all our platforms.
By adding real world value to other NFT collections, we can get exposure to several markets and blockchains at the same time and therefore reach a wider audience.
Travel Agency Expansion
We have chosen to take things slow due to the manual process of bookings, but as soon as the platform is complete, we will announce several already established partnerships with hotels and other accommodation providers.
Eventually, we will introduce our iOS & Android app to make navigation easier and bookings easier.