The Art

Art & Inspiration
Frescos are 999 1/1s digitally drawn without layers using Procreate. He then proceeded to animate each painting and connect the animation with the image of the NFT through Augmented Reality.
Each NFT has a unique movement that is inspired by that of the sea urchins from the artists' native island, Crete in Greece.
Cooz ( Minos Chrysakis) who is the artist of the collection drew them all individually. Cooz is a multidisciplinary artist that uses paint, procreate on iPad and experiments with Augmented Reality art and AI.
From a very young age, Cooz has had an great love for the sea. By observing the movements of sea creatures such as sea urchins ( Αχινός) he got inspired to express that in abstract art.
After completing the drawing the paintings he proceeded to look for some way to give movement to his art.
Animating his paintings and later connecting the animations through Augmented Reality finalised it.