Frescos NFTs
Frescos NFTs are connecting NFTs to real life use cases. All NFTs offer equal real life value for their holders. They come with embedded utility that allow them to be used within our ecosystem.
The businesses we build and partner with are businesses that are not blockchain dependent, so the crypto market does not influence our ability to continue providing the same real world value to our holders during both bull and bear market conditions. This of course also allows us to continue operating at optimum levels during high market volatility.
— One of the first use cases for a Frescos NFT is that it gives the holder discounted access to our travel services for life. Frescos are long-term value assets that are already utilised in real businesses.
Frescos NFT holders enjoy a 30% discount from the final price of a hotel stay. The final cost would be $1000 - 30 % NFT holders are able to book by paying only $700 and save $300
There are several underlying utilities of the Frescos NFTs.
Since the NFT benefits can be used by other people, holders can become travel advisors. This way they can still receive the discount through us and charge what they want to their customers.
If a friend of the NFT holder wants to go on a holiday and the holder has a 30 % discount in a specific property, they can give a 15% discount to their friend and earn 15%. This is only one of the examples that this can be used.
The only limitation with this type of deal is that they can only book one holiday at the specified days with one Fresco NFT.
As a business we will invoice the final price that the holder will pay.